The planning work in Phase 2 is designed to leverage community needs, values, goals and input from Phase 1 and to bring additional key strategic partners onto the project with proven capability and capacity to develop and implement a Vision to Action Plan that secures HUD Choice Neighborhoods Implementation grant funding, and transforms the Larimer and East Liberty project area.


September 10, 2013 Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant was submitted.

August 2, 2013 This meeting presentation covered all major points included in our Larimer Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant application to HUD.  See our meeting presentation here.

July 11, 2013 Residents of East Liberty Gardens and Hamilton-Larimer reviewed a presentation of key strategies for the People portion of the plan being developed for the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant application, plans for new housing, and re-occupancy strategies for residents of East Liberty Gardens and Hamilton-Larimer. Please take the time to review and share our meeting presentation that’s available at this link.

May 31, 2013: HUD issued its NOFA (Notice Of Funding Availability) announcing that applications will be accepted for funding. This is what the Larimer Vision to Action Plan team has been prepping for since our kick-off community meeting in March, 2012! If you’d like to dive in and take a look at the full NOFA document, it’s available at this link.

April 22, 2013 The Larimer Vision to Action Plan’s master planning team and partners from the Larimer Consensus Group provided updates on development of the Plan, information about new housing plans, programs for existing homeowners (thanks to our partners at NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania!), green space, parks and stormwater, and an update on the KBK Development. Click here to view a copy of the meeting presentation.


February 5, 2013  121 attendees joined us for this community meeting. The Master Planning Team shared preliminary strategies developed as a follow up to the January 3-Day Strategy Session, as well as demographics, preliminary Community Civic Survey outcomes, and other community research with attendees. Follow-up breakout sessions provided an opportunity for community input and more detailed questions for the team. You can view our meeting presentation by clicking this link.

The February 5 meeting included breakout group discussions of key focus areas from the meeting presentation. Here’s a link to input from community meeting attendees.

Artist’s rendering of a potential perspective of the intersection of Frankstown Avenue & Lincoln Avenue


January 7-9, 2013: 3-Day Strategy Workshop The Workshop sessions provided the Master Planning Team with input from over 200 community residents, businesses, organizations, and others will meet with planners, architects, city staff, social service providers, elected officials and others to help develop concrete strategies and physical designs that reflect the community’s Guiding Principles for the Larimer Vision-to-Action Area.


January 9, 2013:  the Larimer Vision to Action Plan project’s fourth community meeting. The meeting presentation is available here. Wednesday’s meeting presented out for review and input options developed during the 3 Day Planning Session on each of the five focus areas.

Rendering of potential redevelopment at Larimer Avenue & Meadow Street


January 7, 2013. 64 attendees joined us for the Larimer Vision to Action Plan project’sfourth community meeting.  The presentation is available here. Monday’s meeting engaged community participants to examine outcomes from Phase 1 Planning Group work to provide input on strategic approaches to each of the five focus areas, including Employment & Economic Development; Education; Housing; Community Engagement, Health & Safety; and Physical, Recreational & Cultural Assets.


December 12, 2012  Our meeting presentation is available at this link. We appreciated the opportunity to welcome our project partners from McCormack Baron Salazar and Urban Strategies. You can find out more about McCormack Baron Salazar’s work by viewing their organizational video at this link.

Attendees at the community meeting reviewed project Guiding Principals and used dots to vote for their priorities – view the outcomes by clicking here.