Here we can see parcels in the Larimer neighborhood that are residential (red), vacant (yellow), or for other uses, such as businesses, churches, and schools (blue). Click on a parcel for more details about that property or use the search box to find a specific address.


This second map shows more detail. The light red parcels are single family homes, with dark red representing all other residential types -- multifamily homes, apartments, rowhouses, and more. Commercial business and offices are in blue, with governmental, educational, and religious institutions in purple. Click on a parcel to find more details about that property. You can also click on the three lines in the top left corner to hide or show the map legend, or use the magnifying glass to find a specific address.


The map below displays the cities of owners of property in Larimer. While the vast majority are from Pittsburgh, and many more from areas just outside of the city, there are Larimer property owners across the country. Click on a city to see number of properties and average sale price of their properties.