The Larimer Consensus Group 

(LCG) was formed to bring stakeholders from the Larimer neighborhood together in order to be at the forefront of community-driven change.  The LCG works both at the neighborhood and city-wide levels: the LCG’s activities include projects and initiatives that promote vitality and growth within the neighborhood while at the same time working hard to cultivate and maintain partnerships with organizations and individuals in the City to be the voice of Larimer on a municipal level and be a part of making Pittsburgh a “most livable city” for all of its residents.

The Larimer Consensus Group general body meetings are held every 1st Thursday of the month at 6pm at the Kingsley Association. Everyone is welcome!

Larimer is bordered by East Liberty, Highland Park, Lincoln-Lemington, Homewood, Point Breeze, and Shadyside.  Street boundaries include Washington Boulevard to the East, Penn Avenue to the South, East Liberty Boulevard to the South-West, and Negley Run Blvd.  The study area for the Larimer Plan contains this area as well as part of East Liberty including East Liberty Gardens and Enright Court.

  Pittsburgh with Larimer highlighted in red.

Pittsburgh with Larimer highlighted in red.


The Larimer Consensus Group is a collaboration of Larimer residents, community organizations, leaders, and other stakeholders whose interests include, but are not limited to: economic growth, sustainable development, greening, affordable housing, and community empowerment.

Mission: to empower the Larimer neighborhood to move into sustainable community and economic development via strong communication networks, partnerships, and an open participatory process.